“Cold Hollow provides was a great experience for me.  I now know what I want to do after graduation and I can carry my head high and be proud of what I've accomplished.” 

-Ashley Jacobs, 2016

Digital Media

Instructor: Marcia Blanco
Phone: 802-933-4003 X3000 | 802-825-5480 (cell)
Email: marcia.blanco@fnesu.org


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Digital Media Productions is a career field in what traditionally has been termed commercial and graphic arts. Students in this cluster explore careers in:


Graphic & Web Design
Printing & Reproduction
Advertising & Promotion
Computer Animation
Fine Art
Video Editing
Intro to Game Design



DMP I = 3 elective credits
DMP II = 3 elective credits 

1 English credit for program completion

1 Art credit for program completion


Things You’ll Learn

Areas of study/Software Explored

Drawing Photoshop

Design & Layout Illustrator

Color Theory InDesign



Animation3D Studio Max/Maya

Web DesignPremiere

Illustration/After Effects

Motivated Students can take up to 12 CCV Credits in the two year program.

DMP Also has an articulation agreement with Lyndon State College upon review of a senior portfolio.

Visual Communications II

DMPII students choose a specialty within design and visual communications to explore and develop a ‘senior project’ and portfolio based on the competencies outlined within that area. Students may choose graphic design, web design, illustration, photography, animation or video in which to base the theme of their graduation portfolio. Students need to be self motivated and learn time-management skills in order to work with clients, enhance further skills within the basic competencies and develop their portfolios for review.


Career Options with HS Degree

Illustration: Computer & Traditional
Page Layout

Desktop Publishing
Graphic Design

Career Options with Associates, Bachelors or Masters Degrees

Photography, Illustration, Design
Art Director
Web Design
Web Master
App Design
Game Design

Content Creator



Find the top trending creative jobs.

Find the 2021 Salary Guide from TCG here.



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Featured Grad: Shane Hoy


"Coming from such a small town environment the CHCC has helped me far past what an average high school would as far as preparing me for continued learning. The skills that I have learned through lecture and hands-on experience at CHCC has pushed me to go above and beyond what I would have otherwise. CHCC prepared me to work for what I wanted to do and gave me some of the skills I needed to move forward on my own.”  -Shane Hoy, Class of 2015