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2016 Red Carpet Awards Ceremony

Cold Hollow Career Center Showcases Student Success

May 11, 2015, ENOSBURG FALLS, VERMONT-- The Cold Hollow Career Center’s annual Awards Ceremony was held on Thursday, May 5, 2016. This year’s “Red Carpet” ceremony was planned by Business Leadership Student Event Planner, Hannah Churchill, and was held at the Opera House at Enosburg Falls. Nearly three hundred guests turned out to celebrate student success and achievement.

Cold Hollow Career Center (CHCC) recognized Co-op employers and the valuable work-based learning experiences that they offer for CHCC students. Kathy Lavoie, Executive Director of the Franklin Grand Isle Workforce Investment Board gave out awards from the Franklin County Career Expo. Every year, participating students have a chance to earn recognition for their resumes and presentation to employer vendors. Four top resume awards went to Cold Hollow students; Jessie Paron, Allison Ladue, Allison Parent, and Matthew Stanley. The following six Cold Hollow Career Center students earned employer recognition for their professionalism and employability skills: Ben Russell, Hannah Churchill, and Bethany Gleason ($10 gift card), Ashley Jacobs and Ashley Tardiff ($50 cash) and Tristina Tracy, who won the top award for the second year in a row ($100 cash).

Cold Hollow Career Center is committed to developing employability skills in every program. This year students were nominated in each of the eight categories. The winners were announced at the Awards Ceremony.

Attitude: Matthew Stanley, Business Leadership I

Communication: Benjamin Russell, Construction Technology II

Work Readiness: Maria Jacobs, Medical Careers I

Leadership: Owen Joyal, Forestry and Natural Resources II

Self-Direction: Ashley Jacobs, Digital Media Production II

Problem Solving: Cody LaPan, Automotive Technology II

Grit: Allison Ladue, Medical Careers II

Teamwork: Forestry and Natural Resources I

A special award for Overall Professionalism was given to Colton Riley for his outstanding work at Spears Funeral Home.

Program Champion Awards were voted on by students and given to a member of the junior and senior classes in each program.

Automotive Technology: Noah Bartholomew & Brad Carpenter

Business Leadership: Deanna Mcallister & Allison Machia

Construction Technology: Isaac Snow & Dennis Clark

Digital Media Production: Michael Watcke & Mikayla Murray

Forestry & Natural Resources: Jacob Marshia & Colton Riley

Medical Careers: Maria Jacobs & Morgan McAllister

The National Technical Honor Society welcomed new members: Taylor Austin, Gavin Baker, Noah Bartholomew, Jared Gervais, Maria Jacobs, Jared Hogaboom, Angel Machia, Deanna Mcallister, Jessie Paron, Allison Parent, Matthew Stanley, and Alexys Tipper joined returning members Hannah Churchill, Bethany Gleason, Nicole Gregoire, Amy Kane, Jeremiah Kane, Allison Machia, Morgan McAllister, Ben Russell, and Nicholas Wetherby in the induction ceremony facilitated by Advisor, Marylynn Reid.

Cold Hollow Career Center (CHCC) is located in Enosburg Falls, Vermont and serves students from Richford and Enosburg Falls high schools. With an informal mission to “helping students get where they want to go,” CHCC strives to provide the opportunity for every individual to reach their highest potential by:

  • teaching relevant skills that prepare students for the 21st Century

  • create a positive learning environment that respects individual student needs

  • developing well-rounded, respectful citizens

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