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Announcement from the Superintendent...

Good Evening.

This is Jay Nichols, Superintendent of Schools serving the communities of

Bakersfield, Berkshire, Enosburg, Montgomery, and Richford. I want to address

the “clown” situation that the media has everyone in a frenzy about.

First, the following is a statement from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office:

“Based upon the number of concerned citizens contacting the Franklin County

Sheriff’s Office as it pertains to “clowns”, the Franklin County Sheriff's Office is

making the following statement:

There have been no actual sightings of clowns trying to abduct, harm, or attack any children in Franklin County. Please be aware that there may be copycat incidents; however, at this time there have been no credible sightings or credible sources indicating a pending event to lead us to believe any type of incident will occur. As of now it is just an internet hoax.

Local law enforcement agencies have been working together to address this issue.

In the event you see any suspicious activity, please contact your local law

enforcement agency. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office can be contacted by calling (802) 524-2121 or 911 in the event of an emergency.”

Parents, we ask that you refrain from sharing news reports with your school children as many are becoming quite anxious and concerned, especially with Halloween right around the corner. Our schools are, and will continue to be, safe. If you have any specific concerns, please contact the appropriate authorities. Additionally, no one is to enter any of our schools dressed like a clown as this situation has caused undue emotional stress for many of our students.

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