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CHCC Adult Ed Students Pass LNA Board Exam!

2017 LNA Graduates

(L-R Jocelyn Bessette, Kayla Smith, Kristine Nichols, Maria Garcia)

Four CHCC Adult Education Students are now LNAs!

Licensed Nursing Assistants (LNA) help patients of all ages perform the most basic daily tasks. These include assistance with dressing, bathing, and feeding as well as taking vital signs, obtaining specimens, observing and reporting patient information.

Anyone who has had a loved one living in an assisted living facility knows that LNAs play a key role in their loved one's life. Of all professionals who work with your loved one, LNAs have the most extensive contact.

In addition to nursing homes and assisted living facilities, LNAs also have access to employment opportunities through Home Health agencies, hospitals and other care facilities.

Cold Hollow is offering the next LNA class in the fall of 2017. To enroll, or for more information contact: James Ouelette at or call (802) 933-4003 X13.

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